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Media, Law & Policy -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
BH Public Service
05.02.2016: Media Plan Institut
The Council of Ministers of B-H has decided to extend the current method of user fee collection for Broadcasting Services via telecoms operators until 30th of June. By doing so, they accepted the amendment to the B-H Public Broadcasting System Legislation due to numerous appeals by the Public Broadcasting Services. This decision supported by the force of law, creates a five month transitional period to find a stable method of public services funding. However, it is clear that intensive negotiations not only about the problems of collecting the Public Broadcast fee, but also about its overall structure¸ are about to begin.
Media & Transition -> Southeast Europe
SEENPM Holds General Assembly in Tirana
03.11.2015: SEENPM
Representatives of fourteen member organisations of SEENPM met on 30 October in Tirana for an annual meeting of the General Assembly. The General Assembly also voted to elect three new members to the five-member SEENPM Board. Mladen Velojiæ of Media & Reform Center, Serbia; Barıº Altıntaº of Platform 24, Turkey; and Ljiljana Žugiæ of the Montenegro Media Institute replaced three members whose terms had expired: Corina Cepoi of IJC Moldova, Ilona Moricz of the Centre for Independent Journalism, Hungary; and Ioana Avadani of the Centre for Independent Journalism, Romania.
Special Reports -> Southeast Europe
05.05.2015: Radomir Cholakov
A crowded and rather poor media market, unable to secure the sustainability of media operations, a high level of job insecurity making the journalists vulnerable to political and economic pressures and – more often than not – leading to self-censorship – are some of the conclusions of the Regional report on the Employment Conditions of Journalists in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia launched by the Center for Independent Journalism in Bucharest, to mark May 3 – World Press Freedom Day...
Special Reports -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
Working Conditions for Journalists in Bosnia and Herzegovina
17.03.2015: Radenko Udovicic
The Media Initiatives organization from Sarajevo, carried out a survey on working conditions for journalists in the period of July – August 2014 as part of the regional project “South-East European Partnership for Media Development Project”, implemented in collaboration with the “Mediacentar” Foundation. This topic is deeply interwoven with a number of current economic, media and political problems in BiH and the following report is a testimony to a socially turbulent period where media and journalists are struggling to survive – both in en ethical (professional) and economic sense. It will be shown, and this is not a characteristic of only countries in transition, that these two elements are mutually dependent to large extent.
Media & Elections -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
Final Report
24.02.2015: Lejla Turcilo, Radenko Udovicic, Rast'o Kuzel
The main goal of the project was to inform the public about the conduct of media during the pre-election and post-election phase and to initiate a discussion about the objectivity and quality of the media reporting and to promote their adherence to international standards and best practices regarding freedom of expression and independence of media.
Media & Elections -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
Monitoring and analysis of media
09.02.2015: Media Plan Monitoring Center
The media monitoring results for the period of 1 – 31 December showed that the media generally continued to focus on forming the governments on different levels. Unlike during the pre-election period when the news coverage suffered from restrictive interpretation of legal provisions on the part of broadcasters which resulted in a limited coverage of political parties in the news, the news coverage in December was characterized by a more intensive coverage of political parties. The monitoring results also indicated that the media continued to be divided along political, ethinic and territorial lines and thus showed their more or less open symphaties towards certain political parties.
Media & Politics -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
Formation of a New BiH government
04.02.2015: Florian Bieber
Florian Bieber, a professor from Graz, an expert on political relations and a connoisseur of the situation in the Balkans, commenting on the dialogue of BiH 2.0 current political moment in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Media & Elections -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
Research of Mass Media
24.12.2014: Media Plan Monitoring Center
The media monitoring results for the period of 1 – 30 November showed that the media in general focused on forming the governments at all levels election results, providing detailed reporting on negotiations amongts political parties. The media continue to be divided along political, ethinic and territorial lines and thus show their more or less open symphaties towards certain political parties.
Media & Elections -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
Analysis of media coverage
19.11.2014: Media Plan Monitoring Center
The findings have so far been compiled into three monitoring reports about the media’s behavior during the election campaign. In the next phase of the project, the monitoring will focus on the media coverage of the post-election developments, including the process of forming the new governments on the state and entity levels of administration.
Media & Elections -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
Elections campaign
03.11.2014: Media Plan Institut
Media Plan Institute implemented the project “Media and Political Subjects – More Cooperation for a Successful Election Process” , which in five seminars in different parts of the country (Banja Luka, Bijeljina, Sarajevo, Tuzla and Mostar) facilitated exchange of experience between media and political parties on pre-election cooperation thus far. The seminars thus attempted to work out these issues in open discussion and paved the way for better cooperation. This document was produced on the basis of a series of suggestions and critiques presented by 75 journalists and representatives of political parties in five locations in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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