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Media Initiatives launch two new projects
06.03.2017: Media Initiatives


Media Initiatives on March 1 started implementing two educational and informational projects.

“Roma portal UDAR” (meaning door in Romani) is a project that will result in launching a news media outlet in B&H languages as well as in Romani. It focuses on young Roma who are technically literate and who seek information on the web. At the same time, upon completing their training they will be potential editors and creators of content who will disseminate information from the Roma community to the public and back through the portal.

Along with basic education, where participants – Roma students and activists from the non-governmental sector – will learn the basics of journalism, primarily web journalism, the portal will become a relevant media outlet with diverse content.

The editor-in-chief of the portal is Dalibor Tanic, a professional journalist of Roma background, who has a lot of experience covering a wide variety of social issues.

Funding for the year-long project was provided by Open Society Fund B&H.

The second program, “Strengthening youth activism in battling corruption – Knowledge IN, corruption OUT”, is supposed to create anti-corruption teams of  young people in 10 regions of B&H, whose activists will after completing their training launch a number of promotional actions in their communities, as well as a system of monitoring local public activities susceptible to corruption. The project will be accompanied by production of TV shows and articles for media in which young people will be largely presented both as journalists and sources of information.

The two-year project is supported by the New York-based United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF).

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