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Editorial -> Croatia
29.06.2004: Goran Vezic
A formal education and a license are required for football selectors, while for being a journalist ? or at least calling oneself so ? a license is not required. Anyone can be a self-declared journalist, including Ciro Blazevic who comments on what is going on in Portugal for Nova TV, a private television station.
Editorial -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
16.07.2003: Media Online
The reason for writing this editorial is to let you know that one stage of the Media Online project has been completed. The magazine newsroom is working hard to provide a continuation of funding and carry out transformation of the magazine. The German Government through Stability Pact has approved an initial donation for starting a student internet magazine to be published by the Media Plan High College of Journalism in collaboration with our newsroom. Due to this, over the summer we will only update the site with top news and prepare a project of media analyses, which we will start to implement in fall with the students and professors of the High College of Journalism. We hope Mediaonline will continue its successful mission.
Editorial -> Croatia
03.12.2002: Neven Santic
In terms of the legislation, there is a requirement to establish relations that will prevent any direct interference of the politics, and facilitate the effectiveness of HRT. However, a much bigger bite would be in making the employees of this institution overcome their personal disputes and quarrels. (The article was taken from the daily Novi List)
Editorial -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
26.08.2002: Zoran Udovicic
Editors have told me that newsrooms are in panic after the return of many young journalists following a press conference. An hour or two of tape recording, a half-filled notepad, and the editor only wants 150 words written in half an hour. Pictures on the television screen speak for themselves: a bunch of running tape recorders in front of the speakers, heads bent over tables and hands that diligently write, write?
Editorial -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
10.05.2001: Zoran Udovicic
Two new radio stations have been on air in Bosnia and Herzegovina since few days ago, and Radio BiH is off air for good. Our editor in chief says there is no reason for blues though.
Editorial -> United Nations
03.05.2001: Kofi Annan, Mary Robinson and Koichiro Matsuura
Kofi Annan, Mary Robinson and Koichiro Matsuura signed a joint message on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day on 03 May 2001. They endorse free media that will stand up against racism, discrimination and any other kind of animosities.
Editorial -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
13.04.2001: Zoran Udovicic
Just as a sigh of relief came to be heard from BiH media, politicians reached for them again. Our Editor in Chief warns that ambitions of politics towards the media never die.
Editorial -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
04.04.2001: Svjetlana Nedimovic
Deaths of journalists are almost invariably reported in 'free press and democracy' jargon. How did we lose death of a person in all those words?
Editorial -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
21.03.2001: Svjetlana Nedimovic
Media Online's editor writes why some journalists do not want to tackle self-censorship. And if you feel like sharing with us your experience and writing on self-censorship - do so by all means!
Editorial -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
25.10.2000: Zoran Udovicic
The Editor's letter on the first issue of Media Online.
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