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Media & Politics -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
Formation of a New BiH government
04.02.2015: Florian Bieber
Florian Bieber, a professor from Graz, an expert on political relations and a connoisseur of the situation in the Balkans, commenting on the dialogue of BiH 2.0 current political moment in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Media & Politics -> Southeast Europe
Political Stumbling on the Media Market
11.07.2005: Goran Vezic
Money set aside for state agencies depends on a particular country’s wealth. In the wealthier Croatia, the funds are bigger: its news agency HINA even today, despite efforts to become market oriented as much as possible, receives more than half its budget from the state – 2,150,000 euros a year, which calculated per person – and there are 160 of them – amounts to 15,000 euros, almost enough money to pay out salaries. The poor Bosnia-Herzegovina finances as many as two news agencies, SRNA from Banja Luka and FENA from Sarajevo. They compete with the private Onasa which indirectly, like other taxpayers, finances them.
Media & Politics -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
Economic Pressure on Media in BiH
20.04.2005: Dusan Babic
When we talk about pressure on the media in BiH, there is another paradox at work. Even superficial research confirms that economic pressure on the media in BiH is politically motivated. Hence the paradox of the attempt to define political and economic interest in BiH. Namely, economic pressure on the media in BiH is essentially an instrument for achieving certain political aims. In the West, it is the other way around. There, political pressure is an instrument of economic overpowering and subjugation, i.e. making profit and wealth.
Media & Politics -> Croatia
Interview with eavesdropped journalist Ivica Ðikiæ
16.02.2005: Goran Vezic
“I would only tell them that they’ve been engaged in a senseless business. It is not wise to eavesdrop on the conversations of people who write texts. Whenever I learn anything relevant, I write it down. So, do not listen to my telephone, simply read my texts”.
Media & Politics -> Croatia
02.12.2004: Goran Vezic
Feral and its journalists are among the most frequently convicted media workers, who have paid hundreds of thousands of Euros to various claimants, usually close to authorities during the mandate of president Franjo Tudman in Croatia, but also the most internationally awarded Croat newspaper and, even more than that, institution in general. Indeed, Croatian awards surpassed Feral because it relentlessly kept discovering all Croatian follies and wrongdoings, not only at Tudman?s times of the nineties but also later, when Croatia was democratised, probably owing primarily to the media lead by Feral.
Media & Politics -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
11.08.2004: Radenko Udovicic
In late July, the Bosnian political and media public was thrown into turmoil by a request made by delegates from the Croat Democratic Union (HDZ), the strongest Croat party in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and its coalition partner the Croat Demo-Christians, to separate the public broadcasting system into three channels - one each in the Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian language. The HDZ request should not be the least bit surprising and is only a result of long-time dissatisfaction of almost all Croat political parties, as well as the Catholic Church, with how Bosnia-Herzegovina is organized.
Media & Politics -> Moldova
06.04.2004: Artur Corghencea
Journalists on hunger strike, independent public authority accused of following political orders, ruling party suspected of repressing opposition and opposition believed to be breaking law. All these are consequences of a single scandal - that of municipal media. An event that shocked Moldovan press at the beginning of the year was the suspension of municipal broadcasters' transmission. Antena C Radio and Euro TV were obliged to quit their programs.
Media & Politics -> Serbia
30.03.2004: Vladan Radosavljevic
The new Serbian government, composed with great difficulty, has not had time to do anything significant because the media have fallen into a national trance caused by Kosovo and a fire at Hilandar. Still, this did not put off the dismissal of the head of RTS carried out as if following instructions of the former Central Committees. Meanwhile, anything can be written in newspapers and chaos still rules the sphere of electronic media.
Media & Politics -> Croatia
15.03.2004: Goran Vezic
Behind the pretty, rhapsodic and smiling face of the impoverished Cuba hides a brutal regime in which independent Cuban journalists do not need to seek permits to report from prison. Mediaonline's contributor Goran Vezic, who went on a professional visit to Cuba and met with the main actor of this story - the journalist and poet Raul Rivero, sentenced to many years in prison, brings the story of oppression against journalists in this absolutistic state. The threat to journalist freedoms in South East Europe is child's play compared to the Cuban case.
Media & Politics -> Croatia
02.02.2004: Stojan Obradovic
Towards the end of last year the Croatian public was unpleasantly surprised by an annual report published by the well-known French association Reporters Without Frontiers, which monitors and assesses the state of media freedoms in the world. According to the renowned media institution's assessments, Croatia fell from the relatively good 33rd place held in 2002 to as low as 69th in 2003 among 166 ranked countries of the world. One can only guess what was the reason for that, but most representatives of the media profession rejected the assessments as unrealistic and unfounded. But, any serious analysis of the media situation in Croatia warns that progress in media freedom is neither linear nor unequivocal, that media are burdened with a number of internal, structural problems and that the authorities are trying, almost as if obsessed, to maintain some control over media.
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