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Reviews -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
Handbook/Textbook “Writing for Media”
06.04.2005: Besim Spahic
In spite of the long standing existence of a number of institutions in BiH dealing with the education of future journalists, textbooks and handbooks on the themes of „News Writing and Media Reporting”, “How to Tell a Media Story” or “Writing for Media” remain a true rarity, unlike the situation in the developed countries of the West (and the East). This is especially true in terms of the original works of domestic authors. In the full deficiency of such textbooks/manuals that, due to the linguistic and contextual specificities of ex-Yugoslavian space and BiH, should be written in domestic language, this endeavour of the already respectable Media Plan High School of Journalism in Sarajevo is certainly one of the major pioneer attempts of the bookishly textured teaching of PRACTICAL journalistic writing, not only for printed, but also for radio and online media.
Reviews -> Southeast Europe
Edward S. Herman, Robert W. McChesney; On Media Centralization and Commercialization
22.12.2004: Tatjana Tapavicki Duronjic
Among a number of very interesting titles published this year by the Belgrade publishing house Clio, is the publication The Global Media by Edward S. Herman and Robert W. McChesney. The two American university professors, both with imposing professional and journalistic bibliographies, in seven chapters of the book, systematically and from a number of angles, speak about the current process of commercialization and globalization of the media market and analyze the effect that this, as they call it, reconstructed market has on the structure of the individual media.
Reviews -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
23.03.2004: Dusan Babic
Reducing poverty implies free access to information. People provided with more information are empowered to make better choices. Therefore, bridging the digital divide is not a luxury, but an imperative. Recently I was reading an astonishing book: Converging Media/An Introduction to Mass Communication, written by John V. Pavlik and Shawn McIntosh. The former is a professor at Rutgers University, New Jersey, and less known to the media community in the region, but the latter took an active part in a workshop on Internet Journalism within the Second Communications University of South East Europe (Sarajevo, June 2003), organized by Media Plan Institute. Shawn McIntosh is a professor of Online Journalism at the University of Columbia, New York.
Reviews -> Slovenia
29.05.2003: Gojko Bervar
If we want to understand whether or not it is justified to have so much violence accessing our lives by means of media, we need to examine the strength of its impact on human consciousness.
Reviews -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
25.04.2003: Dusan Babic
The events that followed September 11, 2001 essentially changed the content, viewpoint and angle of monitoring and assessing the state of press freedom in the world. The undisputed champion of press freedom until then, a country that was already a little boring for journalists, the United States of America was faced with serious threats that the idyllic media picture would be irreparably deformed.
Reviews -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
03.03.2003: Dusan Babic
The latest book by Kemal Kurspahic, 'Prime Time Crime: Balkan Media in War and Peace', published by the United States Institute of Peace Press, will have its first promotion in early March in Washington, and then in New York and Cambridge, Massachusetts (Harvard University). The first draft copy (bound galley) of this book has been made available these days; as we found out in the meantime, it does not significantly differ from the final version, apart from certain technical interventions.
Reviews -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
13.08.2002: Zija Dizdarevic
The first issue of 'Alem', the Bosnian language independent Kosovo magasine, was published on the 2nd of March 2001 in Pristina. The editorial orientation of this magasine is primarily focused on the autochtony of Bosniaks and any information thereof in Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Diaspora, their political, economically-social and educationally-cultural position and performance, as well as relations between Bosniaks and other ethnic groups in Kosovo and their relations with the authorities and the international peace-keeping mission. Predecessors of Alem were 'Kosovo Avaz' and 'Selam' - the media attempts of self-recognition by Kosovo Bosniaks.
Reviews -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
25.07.2002: Dusan Babic
The Fondeko World, a magasine on nature, humans and ecology published by the Association of citizens for the stimulation of sustainable development and quality of life 'Fondeko' in Sarajevo, undoubtedly represents a successful example of fortunate symbiosis of numerous contemporary ecological and environmental issues. Therefore, it is a daring task to analyse this highly specialised publication, which runs only four times a year, not least due to the fact that the analyst himself is a long standing member of the ecology movement.
Reviews -> FR Yugoslavia (Serbia)
13.06.2002: Zoran Stanojevic
My first encounter with 'BiH Link' bulletin happened some months ago, and it immediately drew my attention. It contained a text on the Internet search options and mentioned the functions I never realised were existent.
Reviews -> Bosnia and Herzegovina
21.12.2001: Nenad Radanovic
The magazine 'Novi Izraz' remains an elitist quarterly, which enriches us with new ideas and perceptions in the rapid inclusion of Bosnian-Herzegovinian literary, artistic and social thought into the current cultural events in contemporary Europe and the world. The delay in this field, caused by this unfortunate and long war, is being filled by 'Novi Izraz' in the best possible way.
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