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About us

Media Initiatives is a non-governmental organization for development of media and promotion of independent journalism. The association was founded in 2005 with the aim of raising public awareness of the importance of development of democracy and tolerant public dialog, respect for human rights and diversity. The association was created out of a network of 11 media institutes and agencies in South East Europe, which decided under this name on March 23, 2000 to start cooperating on implementation of joint projects in the area of media production, research and education for journalists. The network has given a big contribution to breaking down information barriers in the region and its members today are very influential and respected institutions in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Albania.

In 2006 the association assumed founder rights and obligations over the Media Plan High College of Journalism, which was founded in 1998 and which 185 journalists from across the region graduated from. Today, Media Initiatives organizes training programs, seminars and media conferences aimed at supporting development of modern media based on professional standards and ethical norms. In the social field, it focuses on development of editorial methods in media for promotion of the European idea and covering the process of joining European integrations. In the professional field, the association is particularly involved in providing consulting services on opening of new media outlets and conditions of development of information society and digitalization.

Media Initiatives is a member of the non-governmental consortium New Media Initiatives, which also includes Stina Institute from Split and Novi Sad Journalism School from Novi Sad. The association is supported by Media Plan Institute from Sarajevo.

Mission and Vision

The Media Initiatives Association has the following mission:

  • Support to civil society activities in raising public awareness on the importance of development of democracy, respect for human rights, promotion of tolerant dialog and cooperation among citizens and peoples.
  • Support to civil society organizations in training them to raise public awareness on human rights and problems of general social importance.
  • Development of activities in the public that stimulate faster and more efficient meeting of requirements for joining European integrations.
  • Development of public awareness and media responsibility for sustainable development, culture of living and protection of the environment.
  • Assistance to journalists in applying professional and ethical standards in their work.

Activities of the Association are:

  • Educating journalists and other media staff with the aim of development of modern media based on professional rules and ethical norms.
  • Activities related to application of new technologies in media development. Organizing schools, internships, courses, seminars and training for journalists, media staff and people from the business, cultural and public life who communicate with the public. Establishing of new media as well as cooperation with media partners in the realisation and production of media contents according to our Mission. 
  • Developing cooperation with similar institutions in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Europe, particularly in the region of South East Europe.
The Association carries out the defined goals and activities in a manner stipulated by the law, this Statute and other general acts of the Association.

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Media News has not been updated since March 31, 2005.
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