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Bosnia and Herzegovina
24.03.2005: SAFAX
Media Plan Institute recently published a book called How to Write for Media: Event – News – Report.

The book is intended for journalism students, but it can also serve as a good reminder for journalists already employed in print media, on radio and television, as well as those writing for the web.

The authors of the book are: Prof. Dr. Najil Kurtic, Head of Department of Journalism, Faculty of Philosophy of Tuzla; Prof. Dr. Stjepan Malovic, Associate Professor, Journalism Studies, Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb, and Director of International Center for Education of Journalists; Prof. Dr. Muhamed Nuhic, an initiator of journalism studies, Faculty of Political Science of Sarajevo; Dr. Rade Veljanovski, Senior Lecturer, Department of Journalism, Faculty of Political Science of Belgrade; Lila Radonjic, Editor-in-Chief of Production Group Mreza, and Mentor at Department of Journalism, Faculty of Political Science of Belgrade; and MA Melisa Dedovic, Lecturer for web jornalism in Media plan shool of journalism.

The book is divided into three chapters: How to Write for Media, Specific Qualities of Audiovisual Expression, and Web Journalism. “Each part has its specificities, and all together they make a compact whole, to which nothing can be added. Young and experienced journalists will find here very useful instructions on how to skillfully research, collect and select information, edit newspapers and programs, comment on events and phenomena, and produce different journalistic contents in a very sophisticated way. For, as the book prologue says, ‘a good professional is constantly learning; new technology is forcing him to do that, as well as life which unfolds at unimagined speed.’” (Book reviewer Prof. Dr. Vesna Sopar, Head of Center for Communications Skopje).

“This is an extremely useful textbook/collection, which is adorned by numerous practical examples, didactical notes and interactive guidelines for participants/students to help them in practical work…” (Book reviewer Prof. Dr. Besim Spahic, Head of Department of Journalism, Faculty of Political Science of Sarajevo)

The book editor is Zoran Udovicic, President of Media Plan Institute, and founder of Media Plan High College of Journalism.

The governments of FR Germany and R France helped publish the book through the activities of the South East European Stability Pact, in the framework of the Permanent Education of Journalists in South East Europe project.
 Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Bosnia and Herzegovina