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Southeast Europe
31.03.2005: FENA/SAFAX
Bearing in mind the needs of the countries of the region for professional, comprehensive and objective information., five news agencies: FENA - BiH, HINA - Croatia, MIA - Macedonia, STA - Slovenia, TANJUG – Serbia and Montenegro are starting the production and realisation of the project of News Agency Open Network, “Net 5”

The final part of the conference of five directors of the news agencies of the region (FENA, HINA, MIA, STA, TANJUG) is scheduled on 1 April in “Marshal” Hotel in Bjelašnica Mountain.

The main purpose of the Project is based on the Warsaw Declaration on News Agencies of 31 August 1996, which strongly reminds that “freedom of speech and press are basic human freedoms”, but also that “they include and demand the free flow of information”, and that “each country has to ensure proper conditions for free information exchange”.

In the spirit of these imperatives, the directors of five agencies have decided to improve and provide free access to the information their agencies offer.

The direct aim is to increase the free flow and frequency of information, and thus the quality of mutual information levels among BiH, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia and Montenegro. The increased scope of news and higher quality of services will contribute to the overall pluralisation of media and democratisation in the countries of the region. Higher-quality, more reliable, faster, professional informing, which will affect the global democratic developments in the area of the five countries, was stated as one of the realisation objectives of “Net 5” Project.

In addition, the aim is also to strengthen the competitiveness of each individual network member agency in the territories of the above countries, in order to obtain commercial effects.
 Southeast Europe
 Southeast Europe
 Southeast Europe
 Southeast Europe